wv/t2 to grow weak, decline, fall, belittle; fall away, lapse, desist from, abstain; mollify, appease

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  • áwacian — wv/t2 to awake …   Old to modern English dictionary

  • awake — I. verb (awoke; also awaked; awoken or awaked; also awoke; awaking) Etymology: Middle English awaken (from Old English awacan, onwacan, from 1a , on + wacan to awake) & awakien, from Old English awacian, from 1a + wacian to be awake more …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • awake — a|wake1 S3 [əˈweık] adj [not before noun] 1.) not sleeping ▪ I hope he s awake now. ▪ She was still only half awake when I brought her a cup of coffee. ▪ How do you stay awake during boring lectures? ▪ Emma lay awake half the night, worrying. ▪… …   Dictionary of contemporary English

  • awake — {{11}}awake (adj.) not asleep, c.1300, shortened from awaken, pp. of O.E. awæcnan (see AWAKEN (Cf. awaken)). {{12}}awake (v.) a merger of two Middle English verbs: 1. awaken, from O.E. awæcnan (earlier onwæcnan; strong, past tense awoc, pp.… …   Etymology dictionary

  • awake — verb (past awoke; past participle awoken) 1》 stop sleeping. 2》 make or become active again. adjective 1》 not asleep. 2》 (awake to) aware of. Origin OE āwæcnan, āwacian (see a 2, wake1) …   English new terms dictionary

  • awake — I. /əˈweɪk / (say uh wayk) verb (awoke or awaked, awoken, awaking) –verb (t) 1. to rouse from sleep; wake up. 2. to stir the interest of; excite. 3. to stir, disturb (the memories, fears, etc.). –verb (i) 4. to wake up. 5. to come to a… …   Australian English dictionary

  • awake — [ə wāk′] vt. awoke or awaked, awaked or awoken, awaking [a merging of two words: ME awaken < OE awacan (on , out + wacan, to arise, awake) & ME awakien < OE awacian ( on , out + wacian, to be awake, watch): see WAKE1] 1. to rouse from… …   English World dictionary

  • awake — v. & adj. v. (past awoke; past part. awoken) 1 intr. a cease to sleep. b become active. 2 intr. (foll. by to) become aware of. 3 tr. rouse from sleep. predic.adj. 1 a not asleep. b vigilant. 2 (foll. by to) aware of. Etymology: OE awaeligcnan,… …   Useful english dictionary